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Effective and efficient electronic discovery (e-discovery) capabilities are critical in an era in which virtually all business information and communications are digital. Uncontrolled, the cost of e-discovery can be staggering.

Roberts Law Firm is in a unique position to provide effective and efficient e-discovery services to our clients. Providing a cost effective e-discovery solution begins with having in-depth knowledge of the computer systems that store the electronic information (ESI). Our e-discovery service is managed by an attorney that has more than 15 years of e-discovery management experience, 18 years of software development experience, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

We offer a full line of e-discovery services including:

  • Litigation Hold and Preservation
  • ESI Protocol Consulting and Drafting
  • Data Collection Early Case Assessment Processing
  • ESI Processing
  • ESI & Paper Image Hosted Review
  • Document Review
  • Production Processing

Our review platform is hosted completely in-house using Access Data’s Summation Pro solution, eliminating the costs charged by third-party providers. The Summation Pro review platform is a state of the art web-based solution that combines native and image ingestion, data processing, early case assessment, case organizer, transcript management and final review into a single platform— entirely eliminating the need for iterative processing.

Roberts Law Firm understands the value of using technology to expedite document discovery while controlling costs. Our lawyers and paralegals are experienced in the use of technologies such as predictive coding and data analytics to potentially make document search and review more effective, less time-consuming and often significantly less costly.

Our firm does not segregate e-discovery into a function performed by lawyers handling only e-discovery. Our approach is to staff each case with the knowledge and resources needed to manage each case’s unique e-discovery requirements. Having an understanding of the merits of the case increases both effectiveness and efficiency when architecting an e-discovery solution.

The best e-discovery outcomes can be achieved with effective preservation, collection, search, review and production.


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